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  • The Head of Art position is responsible for managing and meeting any needs the department may have, making sure it achieves its best performance while respecting schedules and the budget established by the production team. He or she needs to be constantly planning strategies alongside other heads of the studio for the best use and administration of human resources, technology resources and budget for the current projects in progress, always keeping in mind our main goal of reaching the quality standards of the industry at a global scale and satisfying our partners and collaborators at the same time. Because of constant interaction with different departments within the studio, he or she needs to be strategic at resolving problems and be super organized on a daily basis. The role is key to maintain the productivity, harmony and respect among co-workers and other members of the studio.


  • He or she must have a broad knowledge of the pipelines of the different techniques of 2D and 3D art.
  • It is essential to have advanced knowledge of Shotgun Studio, Google suite and Microsoft Office suite.
  • Advanced English is indispensable.
  • Creation and monitoring of calendars
  • Ability to manage time. Have the ability to prioritize workload, have self-confidence and be enthusiastic when establishing negotiations and meetings among collaborators. Enjoy, be creative and fast.
  • Must have strong communication and writing skills.
  • Proactive and excellent conciliator to solve problems daily.

    We know in order to achieve excellence in your craft, it is important to love what you do.

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